Vardøger Wraith

Vardøger Wraith, or “Var” to his friends, is a constable from the planet Mandalore.

The Mandalorian race is a warrior like people and someone needs to keep them in line. While Mandalorians consider each other vod (brothers) while in combat, once “dirt-side” someone needs to keep them from killing each other. That’s where Var comes in. His duty is to keep the peace and make sure grudges are settled in the Battle Circle.

Var’s weapon of choice is his custom CS-33 Firespray stun rifle. His weapon is easily recognizable due to its unique muzzle. This muzzle shape allows the rifle to cast a very wide stun charge and allow easy crowd control, as well as pinpoint stun shots as needed. Var’s CS-33 is customized to provide a wide range of stun capabilities from mild shock to full incapacitation. Var notes, (with a chuckle), that his CS-33 stops just short of disintegrating cells.

Var also carries a Maverick side arm pistol for lethal shots when necessary.


Earth Name: Nick Abruzzese


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