Reeza H’darr

Born and raised in the Coruscant Underworld, Reeza H’darr is the only daughter of famed Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Zoz H’darr, and her reputation soon over shadowed his.

There was never a bounty that Reeza couldn’t handle, and if it paid plenty, she was game. Double crossed by the Pyke Syndicate during a job on Underworld Level 1315, she barely escaped with help from a Coruscant Security Officer and his police droid.

Knowing that the Syndicate would stop at nothing to remove loose ends, Reeza and the Officer had no choice but to abandon home for the Outer Rim. Ten years and two children later, she was confronted on Utapau by her long forgotten past resulting in her husband murdered, her daughters abducted, and Reeza herself being left for dead.

With her mortal wounds barely healed, fueled by hatred and vengeance, the life of a bounty hunter begins once more. Reeza’s first stop: Coruscant and the Pyke Syndicate…


Earth name: Tara L. Chestnut


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