Ori’kad was born a long time ago, quite literally on a battlefield, on a mostly forgotten planet in an anachronistic back corner of the Mandalore Sector. His early training and experience was very traditional and in keeping with the practices of the Crusader era, when the planet was settled and conceived as a reservation to preserve the ancient customs and bloodlines.

After leaving home, Ori’kad traveled the galaxy as a mercenary, gaining both a solid reputation and the name he’s most known by, mainly because the name he was born with is a bit of a mouthful, and it’s easier to say “Look for the guy with the big sword.” (Big sword, in Mando’a, is ori’kad.)

During those travels, he made connections with the True Mandalorian faction, and because of that, was invited to become one of the Cuy’val Dar and train the clone army on Kamino, where he, along with several of his vode, formed the basis for what would eventually become Mav Oya’la clan.


Earth name: Mike Bullian


Trivia: Mike is the last remaining currently active founder of Mav Oya’la, and helped design the clan logo and name. He’s also gradually pushing for the record for most approved Mandalorian costumes, with three at time of writing, a fourth in progress, and two more with solid plans after that.


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