Oren Voth

Oren Voth’s earliest memories are being raised in a Biotech Industries facility on the planet Ambria, where he was a test subject for cybernetic eyes.

After the Biotech facility was raided by Imperial Captain Marl Semtin, the boy was found hiding in a storage bay by the Mandalorian Protector Braeg Raiss.

Following the “Old Ways,” Raiss took the boy as his foundling and raised him in the ancient way of the Protectors. Together, Raiss and Voth traveled the Outer Rim providing security for freighters and the occasional bounty collection. While providing security on a freighter passing through the Kaddak system, they came under attack by the pirate group: The Ranc Gang.

Together, they repelled the boarding party but Braeg Raiss was mortally wounded in the fight. As Raiss laid dying, he confided in the boy telling him, “I am proud to have fought by your side as you could rival any blood born Mandalorian I have ever known.” From that day forward, Voth has spent his days hunting the gangs and pirates of the Outer Rim in honor of his fallen mentor.

Voth uses his cybernetic eyes to wield his DE-10 and A280 blasters with accurate and deadly precision.


Earth name: David Mead


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