Mirdala Baarur

Mirdala Baarur, (Linda Bullian), was defined by caring for others. As a young mother, she took care of both her son and her aging mother while going through nursing school at Chatham University, from which she graduated valedictorian. Over a thirty year career as a registered nurse, she held nearly every position a nurse could expect, but always preferred directly caring for her patients.

Having tagged along with her son Mike (Ori’kad), and former daughter-in-law Sharon (Shan Kerryc) for nearly ten years, often as a handler, but more commonly as transportation – Linda finally bit the bullet and decided to become a Merc at MercsCon in 2018. That weekend showed her how close we are with our Mercs family, with all the Mercs there including her in activities and conversations, treating her as a vod even though she was just tagging along for a mini vacation. She committed to becoming a part of that family in truth, with her son’s help on the armor build, becoming an Official Member in late 2020.

She often expressed that one of the proudest moments in her life was receiving her acceptance notification email.

Linda Anne Bullian

Nu kyr’adyc, shi taab’echaaj’la
“Not gone, merely marching far away.”

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