Mavek Tryn’ke

Not much is known about the background of the bounty hunter known as Mavek Tryn’ke. Mavek is an archaeologist who specializes in Clone War history. He studied on Coruscant, under the guidance of Trypto Buball.

He is an expert marksman, and carries a pair of DE-10’s which he found on an expedition. His preferred weapon of choice is his SoroSuub BD-1 Cutter Vibro-Ax, and he maintains a large cache of explosives always at his disposal.

Mavek’s son Ryver is often seen with him on missions, as they patrol the Mav Oya’la territory.

Earth name: Franc Trinchi

Fun Fact: Mavek has maintained a close relationship with his former mentor, sometimes turning to him for his wisdom and knowledge of relics.


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