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Interested in becoming an official Mav Oya’la Merc? Oya!!

Official Members are the cornerstone of Mando Mercs; fully embracing our mission and traditions through the creation and wearing of Mandalorian Armor. Official Members have earned the rights, responsibilities, and privileges earned by passing Mandalorian Mercs Costuming Club’s Official Membership approval process.

Nervous about making a costume? Not sure where to start? We can help! Veterans are happy to help guide and assist you with your armor. Often we have what we call “Armor Parties,” to help new recruits with their armor build. (Basically it’s a barbecue with friends that help one another.)

Official Members have complete access to the official MMCC forums, special armor patterns, invitation to special events, access to special merchandise, etc.  Official Membership is completely free, with no monetary membership dues required.  However there are requirements to becoming an Official Member:

You must be 18 years of age.

You must own a Mandalorian armor costume.

You must pass MMCC’s Official Membership Approval process.

You must troop a minimum of 1 event per-year.

You must have an active account on the official MMCC forums.

To learn more, just send a message through either Facebook or Instagram below.

Upcoming Events

Events will be updated soon…