Hex Vizsla

Hex is a Death Watch Torch Grunt, and cousin of Pre Vizsla, former leader of the Death Watch. In the Clone Wars animated series, Hex fought alongside Bo Katan before and after Darth Maul seized control over Mandalore.

A loyal soldier, marksman and expert pyro-technician, Hex is only loyal to two entities, the Death Watch’s motives to eliminate the pacifist ways of Mandalore, and to the Mav Oya’la Clan which took him in as the Death Watch slowly disbanded.

In honor of his past fallen brothers and sisters of the Death Watch, he still dawns the same armor from the Clone Wars.


Earth name: Chad Reverdito


Fun Fact: You can see Hex and his other Death Watch torch brothers in action in: The Clone Wars Animated Series:

Season 4: Episode 14

Season 5: Episodes 14, 15 & 16


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