Danika Cuyan

Danika Cuyan, born Danika Mau’poisant, on the planet Naboo.  As a child she had a love of adventure and trouble. Though she always seemed to be able to charm her way out of trouble. When she came of age, she decided to go out and follow her adventurous spirit and using the skills she’d honed as a child to work her way through the Galaxy. She wanted to see and experience it all!

All was well and good. Taking jobs to get from place to place. Experiencing as much as she could. Until she pulled a job and decided to keep a little extra for herself. Besides, the contact who hired her couldn’t possibly notice. She’s done it plenty times before. Quickly she realized she had crossed the wrong contact. This contact was connected to the Hutt family, and she was taken captive to answer for her “crimes”. 

By using her charm and quick wit she was able to quickly defuse and enamor her captures, and instead of terminating her, they recognized that she might be useful. So they struck a deal. She worked solely for them, pulling high profile jobs and rescues for them. As time went on and her prowess was exhibited many times over, she worked off her debt and was released from servitude. Although we all know that’s never really the case. She always looked over her shoulder. 

From her years of service, she became the most sought after bounty hunter when there was a high profile rescue or bounty on the table. Once “free” she was always neutral, taking whoever’s side she was working for. It just worked better that way. And being the kind of gal who preferred the finer things in life, she always worked for the highest bidder. And being neutral has its advantages. She learned how to manipulate situations to her will based on the knowledge she gain from previous expeditions.

After years of being a loner and constantly watching her back , she felt it might be safer and time to join a group. So, she changed her name from Mau’piosant to Cuyan, which means survivor in Mando’a, and a survivor she is and she petitioned the Mav Oya’la clan for membership, hoping that her reputation and specific skill set would make me a desired asset to the clan. 


Earth Name: Julia Burger


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