Coenn Jeenx

Coenn Jeenx was born on Concord Dawn to Xur and Essi Jeenx, both Mandalorian Protectors. After losing his parents at the Battle of Mygeeto, he took the opportunity to venture out into the galaxy to make his mark.

Re-forging his father’s armor, Coenn became a bounty hunter and mercenary taking only the most dangerous jobs in order to prove his abilities. Coenn eventually took a wife, Shae, and had a daughter named Casaathe, leaving the life of bounty hunting to settle down.

After several years of a quiet life with his family, an old bounty escaped from prison and murdered Shae in a failed attempt on Coenn’s life. Coenn avenged his wife and eventually made contact with the Mav Oya’la Clan who accepted him and his daughter as one of their own.


Earth name: Travis Chaney


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